Top and Bottom Labeler

Top and Bottom Labelers, designed to label the top and/or bottom of all product packaging neatly and accurately.

EPI’s Top & Bottom Labeler has the capability to apply labels to the top and/or bottom of packaging neatly and accurately. It features vertical and horizontal adjustments to allow for quick and reliable label placement. The labeler works on nearly all types of packaging, and is ideal for cosmetic, personal healthcare and retail food including, baked goods, produce and confectioneries.

The labeling system is easy to set up and operate, and will integrate to specific packaging systems. Made with corrosion resistant materials, it is durable enough to withstand harsh conditions. All EPI labeling systems offer after-sale service. Click the tabs below for more information.

Features and Benefits

  • Dependable, Reliable, and Versatile
  • Speed Standard Variable up to 1200 IPM (Faster Speeds Available)
  • Width up to 24″
  • Minimum System Length 4′
  • Welded Stainless Steel Frame (Aluminum Optional)
  • Standard Lockable Casters
  • Constructed Entirely of Non-Corrosive Materials
  • Various Options to Suit Your Needs

Some Label Applications the Top and Bottom can Perform

  • Top/Bottom Clamshell Labeler

  • Top/Bottom M-Series

Top/Bottom System
Label Size: 1”-1” x 5″x12″
Smaller/Larger Size Optional Upon Request
Electrical: 5A @ 120VAC, 60 HZ
Pneumatic: N/A
Speed: Variable up to 100 FPM
Construction: Exclusively Non-Corrosive Materials
  • 16″ Label Supplies
  • Increased Label Width
  • Low Level Label Supply Warning with Auto Shut-Off Feature and Beacon Light
  • Higher Label Speed
  • Different Voltage Supply
  • Clear Label Sensor Package
  • Washdown Package
  • Additional Conveyor Width
  • Additional Conveyor Length
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Adjustable Feet
  • Higher Speeds
  • Adobe Acrobat File
    Top/Bottom Labeler Brochure
  • Adobe Acrobat File
    Performance Guarantee