For Harsh Environments

At EPI, we know that labeling equipment must often work daily in less-than-perfect environments.

To ensure our customers can be confident their EPI labelers will perform regardless of the environment, a number of our products, such as the M2 label applicators and MFlex™ labeling systems, are built to IP65 specifications as standard.

Our IP65-compliant machines are engineered without comprise to operate in harsh conditions with industry-leading features:

  • Completely sealed electronics to prevent water and dust ingress.
  • Industrial IP65 rated sensors and connectors
  • Stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials used throughout.

EPI labeling systems include the modular and flexible MFlex™ systems and custom engineered solutions that are ideal for some of the most demanding applications.

EPI's label applicators are stand-alone labeling systems designed for a wide range of applications.

Our labels are designed specifically for your systems and requirements so you avoid any unnecessary label issues during your commissioning and production processes. Plus, as the provider of both system and consumables, you deal with a single source for your labeling automation support.