For Packaging

EPI specializes in labeling solutions for many types of packaging, from stand-alone label applicators to fully integrated labeling systems.

Some of our labelers are explicitly designed to be integrated into packaging machines, such as over-wrappers, bagging machines, flow-wrappers, and much more.

Building the labeler into the packaging machine provides labeling capability without taking up additional conveyor length on the packaging line and allows the label to be applied when the packaging material is under the best control.

The EPI Flex-Pac system is specifically engineered for this task and can be integrated into any brand of OEM packaging machine.

EPI labeling systems include the modular and flexible MFlexâ„¢ systems and custom engineered solutions that are ideal for some of the most demanding applications.

EPI's label applicators are stand-alone labeling systems designed for a wide range of applications.

Our labels are designed specifically for your systems and requirements so you avoid any unnecessary label issues during your commissioning and production processes. Plus, as the provider of both system and consumables, you deal with a single source for your labeling automation support.