Pressure-Sensitive Labeling Systems & Label Applicators

EPI specializes in pressure-sensitive labeling solutions for many applications.

From simple label applicators to sophisticated integrated labeling systems, all of our products are engineered to be easy to operate and maintain, reduce downtime on your packaging line and to produce accurately labeled products, every time.

The high quality labeling systems are available for products, packaging, cases and trays, and harsh environments. Each machine features efficiency, precision, and reliability for each application.

Browse through these label solutions to learn more about EPI labeling equipment for packaging and promotional needs. As always, we are here to help; contact us today!

What are the products you need to label? Round or oval containers, or perhaps clamshells? EPI Labeling systems use a modular design concept that allows them to be used for a wide section of product types.

When you need to apply labels to your packaging, EPI has a wide selection of solutions, from simple stand-alone applicators to systems designed to integrate into your packaging machines.

Label applicators to add labels to your secondary packaging

Labeling systems engineered to operate in cold, wet, or dusty situations.