Bakery Labeling System

A Simple Labeling Solution for Bread and Other Baked Goods


The Bakery Labeler gently and accurately places promotional, date, batch code, or reclosable labels on all types of pre-packaged bread, buns, English muffins and other baked goods.

This is the perfect solution for accurate and simple labeling of your bread, bun, and clamshell packaging. Our labeler has been expertly engineered to ensure gentle and precise placement of labels on all types of pre-packaged baked goods.

With the ability to provide 30-second changeovers, our labeler can easily switch between labeling either the tops or the gusseted ends of bread, buns, and rolls. The EPI Bakery Labeler also offers flexible options for bakery labeling, thanks to its adjustable extension arm and applicator base plate. This allows labels to be placed on the end of bread or bun packaging, providing versatility for your labeling needs.

Product Overview:

Advantages of the Bakery Labeler

  • Dependable, Reliable, and Versatile.
  • Ruggedized to Adapt to the Most Demanding Bakery Environments.
  • 30-Second Tool-Less Change Over From Top to Gusseted End.
  • Includes Rolling Stand with Lead Screw Height Adjustment.
  • Continuous Flow Application.
  • Ease of Set-Up.
  • Easy to Thread and Operate.
  • Flexible Integration with Minimal Impact to Your Line.
  • Multiple Configurations.
  • Variety of Unwind Sizes, Standard 12”.
  • Intuitive Controls, 10 min Training.
  • Constructed Entirely of Non-Corrosive Materials.
  • Direct Drive Technology Allows our Labelers to Operate Under the Harshest Conditions.
  • Various Options to Suit Your Needs.

Bakery System Specifications

Label Size: 1″x1″ to 6″x6″

Electrical: 2A @ 120 VAC, 60 HZ Other Voltages Optional

Pneumatic: 2 SCFM, 80 PSI

Speed: 120/MIN (based on 3″x3″ label)

Construction: Exclusively Non-Corrosive Materials

Designed and Built in the USA

Solutions for:

Senior Leadership

Your Challenges:

  • Your baked products need to have accurately applied labels to ensure the packages promote the image you need to and to keep aligned with the needs of your retail customers.
  • To maintain your margins, you need equipment on your packaging line to perform with a high level of efficiency.
  • Your operations team reports that existing legacy labelers are costly to maintain and repair, reducing margins.

Our Solutions

  • EPI’s Bakery Labeler system is specifically designed to apply labels and coupons to flexible packaging accurately.
  • With the simplicity of EPI’s direct-drive label control, the Bakery Labeler is a well-engineered label applicator with minimal moving parts. It is designed to operate with minimal downtime.
  • The Bakery Labeler design ensures that it needs very little attention from your maintenance or operator teams, keeping operating costs to a minimum and improving efficiency.

Operations Management

Your Challenges:

  • You are under pressure to reduce the cost of repairs and parts.
  • You wish to introduce labeling systems for your baked goods packaging, but there is very little space available on your packaging lines.
  • You need to be able to label your packages in various locations on the product to meet your retail customer's requirements.

Our Solutions

  • The design of the Bakery Labeler systems minimizes the number of parts that need to be stocked, and simple engineering ensures fast and cost-effective repairs.
  • The Bakery Labeler is designed to integrate into your packaging line, using very little valuable space on your packaging line.
  • The Bakery Labeler can quickly be adapted to label various parts of the package and can be equipped with blow-on or tamp applicators to increase versatility.

Operators & Technicians

Your Challenges:

  • Many packaging machines are complicated and time-consuming to set up, causing frustrations for everyone on the packaging line.
  • It is often difficult to get quality training for new packaging equipment.

Our Solutions

  • The Bakery Labeler is so simple to use and maintain that you’ll only have to interact with it to replenish labels – leaving you with plenty of time to take care of other tasks on the packaging line.
  • Our Labeling and Coding brands proudly offer the PMMI Certified Trainer Program. This recognized designation ensures that the highest standards of quality training are being met and unparalleled value is given to the customer.

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