Loose Loop 262 Label Printer Applicator for Print-and-Apply Labeling


The 262 Print & Apply Applicator was designed to solve your high-speed print and apply labeling challenges. Utilizing a controlled loop of labels between the printer and the peel plate frees the machine from the constraints of conventional print and apply systems, making the 262 ideal for high-volume packaging lines,

The 262 can be used as a stand-alone printer-applicator, or it can be integrated into one of our MFlex labeling systems.

Applications for the 262 include:

  • Printing and applying GS1 barcode labels to cases and trays.
  • Printing nutritional, ingredients and allergen information, along with UPC codes and date codes, when used as part of a labeling system.

The 262 printer applicator is ideal for use within our MFlex labeling system to allow the bottom label on a package to be printed on-demand.

In this example, the prime label on the top of the package includes all the branding and marketing aspects, while the bottom label is printed at the time of packaging. This reduces the number of SKUs of printed materials that need to be ordered and managed.

Product Overview

262 Features & Benefits

  • Dependable, Reliable, and Versatile.
  • Full-Color Touchscreen.
  • PLC Control as Standard
  • Easy Threading Path for Labels and Ribbon - you can also bypass the printer and use the 262 as a conventional prime labeling head.
  • Supports Standard OEM Print Engines.
  • Various Applicator Modules Available
  • Made with Corrosion Resistant Materials.

Integration with Packaging Systems

The 262 printer applicator is engineered to be installed into a packaging line using our robust mounting hardware or to be used as part of our integrated MFlex labeling system.

EPI has a great depth of experience when it comes to the integration of our labeling systems into most OEM packaging equipment brands.

Solutions for:

Senior Leadership

Your Challenges:

  • The cost of managing inventories of pre-printed labels is affecting your margins.
  • One of your concerns is improving productivity, so any equipment purchased needs to meet this.
  • Your operations team reports that existing legacy labelers are costly to maintain and repair, reducing margins.

Our Solutions

  • Using the 262 print and apply labeler, it is possible to replace printed materials with blank labels that are printed at the time of packaging. This can reduce costs and complexity while improving productivity.
  • By disconnecting the print speed from the label application speed, using the 262 can operate at higher throughputs than conventional print and apply labelers, improving the productivity of your packaging line.
  • The loose-loop design of the 262 is gentle with the printer and label feed system, ensuring that it needs very little attention from your maintenance or operator teams, keeping operating costs to a minimum while improving efficiency.

Operations Management

Your Challenges:

  • You are under pressure to reduce the cost of repairs and parts.
  • Your goals include improving the efficiency of the packaging lines.
  • It can be difficult to find labeling equipment that is elegantly integrated with your existing packaging equipment.

Our Solutions

  • The modular design of the 262 system minimizes the number of parts that need to be stocked, and simple engineering ensures fast and cost-effective repairs.
  • The simple HMI interface of the 262 helps your operators get up to speed quickly, and the recipe feature ensures fast product changeovers.
  • EPI specializes in integrating labeling systems into OEM packaging equipment, such as tray packers, case packing, and labeling equipment. This ensures trouble-free commissioning and operations.

Operators & Technicians

Your Challenges:

  • Many packaging machines are complicated and time-consuming to set up, causing frustrations for everyone on the packaging line.
  • The cost of maintenance and repairs can be a challenge in many cases.
  • It is often difficult to get quality training for new packaging equipment.

Our Solutions

  • The 262 is simple to use and maintain, and you’ll only have to interact with it to replenish labels – leaving you with plenty of time to take care of other tasks on the packaging line.
  • As with all EPI labeling solutions, the 262 is designed to be easy to maintain and needs minimal spare parts.
  • Our Labeling and Coding brands proudly offer the PMMI Certified Trainer Program. This recognized designation ensures that the highest standards of quality training are being met and unparalleled value is given to the customer.

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