Labeling Equipment & Applicators

EPI offers simple and durable label applicators for the packaging industry. Labels provide detailed information about the contents, ingredients, and features of one’s favorite products. When evaluating the best label applicator for your product it is important to consider both the product environment and the industry you are serving. EPI supplies versatile, reliable, quick, and easy to set up label applicators and labeling equipment designed for every situation.

With application configurations such as:

  • Vac/Blow, Tamp.
  • Corner Wrap (leading and trailing).
  • 2-Panel, Tamp/Blow.
  • Printing solutions.

Contact us for any inquiries or questions you may have with our label applicator machines.

Wipe-on, high-speed label applicator.

Versatile labeler that lends itself to a wide variety of applications.

The Bakery Labeler gently and accurately places promotional, date, batch code or reclosable labels on all types of pre- packaged bread, buns, english muffins or other baked goods.