2 Panel/Side Tub Labelers

UII 2020

Versatile Labeler, UII

EPI’s UII Labeler has such diverse applicator options. 2-panel or side labels are just a small part of what this labeler is capable of.

M2 Front View

Wipe-on, High-Speed Labeler, M2

EPI’s M-Series Labeler was built for flexibility. 2-panel and side Labels, no problem.

Core Tamp 960x720 Gallery

Compact Labeler, Core Series

EPI’s Core Series Labeler is a cost-effective way to label a 2-panel or side label on your product.

Custom Labeling Systems EPI Labelers

Custom Labeling Systems

If our labelers above aren’t the one, contact our sales staff about a custom-system to get the right labeler for you.