M2 Wipe-on High-Speed Labeler

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Labeling systems for high-efficiency production, the M2 wipe-on high speed label applicator truly advances the state of the art. Not only is it significantly smaller than its competition, it has fewer parts and it is light years more flexible. Any orientation, limitless unwind/rewind combinations and its diminutive size allow these high speed labelers to go places and do things the competition just can’t and provide better product tracking. The M2 has more accurate speed following and a higher speed capability allowing to address faster and more demanding applications.

Advantages of the M2

Setting up and operating the M2 Label Applicator is simple and easy.

  • Intuitive Operation - can be set up in minutes.
  • Easy to integrate alarms, label sensors and more.
  • Touch screen offers improved visibility with more control.
  • 100 recipes with USB back-up, restore, and cloning options.

The M2 Label Applicator features modular design for maximum serviceability.

  • All new controls completely onboard and protected.
  • Module-based service in a matter of minutes.
  • Fully connectorized inside and out.
  • Quick drive roller change.

Regardless of your application or production environment,
the M2 integrates seamlessly into existing production lines.

  • Can be mounted in any orientation - top, bottom or side label application.
  • Quick adjustments for maximum uptime.
  • On board help for ease of use with alarms and flags for troubleshooting.

M2 Label Applicator is versatile, durable and designed for
ease of setup up and operation.

  • Aluminum cabinet so the heat is quickly dissipated.
  • New nip roller lever with high visibility and ease of operation.
  • Ball bearing rollers for longer life and less tension on the system.
  • Standard IP65 Certified as standard.

High speed labelers save you time, money & complexity. The M2 Direct Apply Labeler may be the perfect fit to make your production line even more efficient. Label it with ease with the M2! Reduce operating costs, while improving how the labeler works with your pacakging line.

High speed label applicators & printers are built for flexibility, the M2 High Speed Labeling Machine can work in conjunction with a printer for date codes and lot tracking, or you can visit our Print & Apply page for a more robust line of print and apply labeling systems.