Labeling Solutions for the Beverage Industry

Today's beverage manufacturing spans a wide variety of sizes and shapes for water, wine, beer, spirits, soft drinks, and juices. With competition for consumer attention, set up and requirements are constantly changing.

Common challenges include:

  • Handle various types, shapes, and sizes of products and packaging.
  • Operate equipment in high-speed lines without sacrificing speed.
  • Maximum uptime of equipment in lines.
  • Apply multiple labels on a product, case, or carton.
  • Environmental elements such as condensation, dust, and temperature changes.

EPI's range of labeling solutions enables you to achieve safe and reliable labeling in a wide range of beverage industry environments. Our continued innovation and expertise, as well as an understanding of the important issues manufacturers face, allow us to offer products and solutions to meet your specific needs.

Applications Include:
  • Prime body labeling of bottles and cans
  • Prime labeling of PET containers
  • Applying labels and coupons to flexible packaging
  • Promotional labeling for cartons and shipping cases
  • Date and traceability coding
  • Reclosable labeling for coffee bags
  • Prime labeling of drink cartons and pouches
  • Integration of labelers with flexible packaging equipment
  • Labeling of wrapped products
  • Barcode labeling

Let EPI help you find the best labeling solution for your beverage packaging line.

Labeling for Beverage Products and Packaging


Plastic Jugs
Glass Bottles
PET Bottles

Milk and Other Beverage Cartons
Coffee Bags
Other Flexible Package Types

Product Labeling

EPI labeling solutions are used to apply one or more labels to a wide variety of product packaging.

This includes:

  • Cans for craft beer and other products
  • PET bottles
  • Glass bottles and jugs

Our MFlex labeling systems are ideal for labeling many of the common types of product packages used in the food industry.

These labelers include an integrated conveyor, product handling modules, and our servo-controlled labeling heads.

To make things easy for the operators, everything is controlled from a single, simple to learn, HMI display and all MFlex labelers are built to IP65 environmental specifications as standard.

Flexible Package Labeling

An EPI label applicator is a cost-effective and well-proven solution when you need to add a prime label or a redeemable coupon to your packaging.

Our Flex-Pac system is engineered to integrate right into your bagging or other packaging machines, allowing you to introduce pressure-sensitive labeling without the need for additional conveyors or using line space.

Flex-Pac is ideal for applying labels or coupons to just about any flexible packaging material, including coffee bags, beverage pouches, drink cartons, and more.

With many years of experience, EPI can integrate our labeling systems into just about every brand of flexible packaging machine.

ID Technology Labels

With seven label production plants are strategically located in California, Georgia, New Hampshire, Texas, Wisconsin, Edmonton, and Toronto. We produce and inventory labels closer to you, equating to cost savings on shipping and shorter transport times so you receive the “freshest” possible labels and a reduction in overall carbon footprint for a positive impact to the environment.

Our label products include:

  • Flexographic printed labels in up to 10 colors
  • Digital labels with multiple HP Indigo systems
  • Hybrid labels - flexo labels with digitally printed variable sections
  • Labels for re-sealing coffee and similar packages
  • Direct thermal and thermal transfer labels for logistics items
  • RFID labels



Ready to improve your production output and operational efficiency? Contact an EPI account manager today to learn how our labeling automation solutions will increase your throughput and improve your bottom line.