MFlex C-Wrap – Labeling Applicator System for Clamshells, Tray Packs, and Flat Style Packaging.

3-panel wrap around labeling system, perfect for applying a c-wrap style label to clamshells, tray packs, and other flat style packaging.

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MFlex C-Wrap is a labeling system designed to wrap a label around the front of the packaging as the product moves through the label application section of the machine.

The conveyor of the MFlex C-Wrap consists of two belts, one either side of where thelabel will be applied. There is an open area at the application point, where the label can feed between the belts, and where the leading part is applied to the bottom of the package. At the same time, the trailing part of the label is wiped onto the top side of the package.

The c-wrap label allows the bottom panel of the package to be labeled with nutrition, ingredient, and allergen information, while the top section includes branding and marketing messaging. A c-wrap label also provides a tamper evident solution for clamshell type packages.

See how it all comes together using our innovative MFlex InMotion interactive animation viewer:


• Meat and Poultry Products
• Fresh Produce
• Retail Food
• Baked Goods and Confectioneries
• Custom Applications


Solutions for:

Senior Leadership

Your Challenges:

  • To maintain your business growth, you need to be confident your packaging lines operate efficiently and economically.
  • Sometimes your team is undecided between labeling to display your brand message and including tamper evidence to the labels.
  • Downtime caused by legacy labeling equipment is lowering efficiencies and reducing margins.

Our Solutions:

  • MFlex labelers are simple in design and are engineered to operate at high efficiencies for long working life.
  • C-wrap labels not only provide a large area for both your marketing and regulatory messages, they also effectively seal the package, protecting the contents from potential tampering.
  • The modular design of MFlex labelers ensures that any maintenance downtime is minimized. Optional zero-down solutions can reduce downtime even further by removing the need to stop for label roll replenishment.

Operations Management

Your Challenges:

  • The constant need to reduce the cost of repairs and parts.
  • Difficulties with recruiting and training operators for packaging lines.

Our Solutions:

  • The modular design of MFlex systems minimizes the number of parts that need to be stocked and the simple design ensures fast and cost-effective repairs.
  • All MFlex machines feature a singular touch-screen interface - ensuring the system keeps operators happy and also provides comprehensive diagnostics for maintenance.

Operators & Technicians

Your Challenges:

  • Many packaging machines are complicated and time-consuming to set up, causing frustrations for everyone on the packaging line.
  • Labeling systems have different controls, even if from the same manufacturer.

Our Solutions:

  • With one simple HMI interface and the ability to save settings as product recipes, MFlex makes it quick and straightforward to set up for the next product. Mechanical adjustments are quick and easy, too - getting you up and running with minimal frustration.
  • If you have more than one MFlex machine, they all use the same HMI and menu system, even for different applications. This helps your operators get familiar with a new labeler quickly.

Brochures & Documentation

MFlex labelers are designed to accommodate fast changeovers for different product sizes.

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