Flexible Packaging Labeler Machines

Labeling Flexible Packages is what we do and the flexible package market just keeps growing. As the leading manufacturer of Flexible Packaging labelers the EPI Flex-Pac™ family easily integrates with a wide variety of packaging machines. We have been designing labelers for Flexible Packaging for well over 30 years. Our machines are dependable, reliable and versatile. A proven labeler that pays for itself.

Flexible packaging labelers from EPI include:

  • VFFS (vertical bag maker)
  • Pouch
  • HFFS (horizontal flow wrappers)
  • Stretch wrappers

Find out more about the flexible packaging labelers and how they can be integrated into your packaging line by contacting EPI today.

The Flex-Pac™ labeler applies pressure sensitive labels to virtually any surface of the package or product.