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Flexible Bakery Labeling System, Bakery System

Accurate, Easy Labeling with our Bread, Bun, and Clamshell Labeler

EPI’s Bakery Labeler has been engineered to gently and accurately place promotional, date, batch code or reclosable labels on all types of pre- packaged bread, buns, english muffins or other baked goods. The labeler provides 30 sec change over to label either the tops or the gusseted ends of bread, buns and rolls.

Flexible Bakery Labeling Options Available

The EPI Bakery Labeler is flexible for your operation; it has an adjustable extension arm and applicator base plate that allows labels to be placed on the end of bread or bun packaging.

Features and Benefits

  • Dependable, Reliable, and Versatile
  • Ruggedized to Adapt to the Most Demanding Bakery Environments
  • 30 Second Tool-Less Change Over From Top to Gusseted End
  • Includes Rolling Stand with Lead Screw Height Adjustment
  • Continuous Flow Application
  • Ease of Set Up
  • Easy to Thread and Operate
  • Flexible Integration with Minimal Impact to Your Line
  • Multiple Configurations
  • Variety of Unwind Sizes, Standard 12”
  • Intuitive Controls, 10 min Training
  • Constructed Entirely of Non-Corrosive Materials
  • Direct Drive Technology Allows our Labelers to Operate Under the Harshest Conditions
  • Various Options to Suit Your Needs
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  • Bakery System Specificaitons
    Label Size:1″x1″ to 6″x6″ Smaller/Larger Size Optional Upon Request
    Electrical:2A @ 120 VAC, 60 HZ Other Voltages Optional
    Pneumatic:2 SCFM, 80 PSI
    Speed:120/MIN (based on 3″x3″ label)
    Construction: Exclusively Non-Corrosive Materials

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