C-Wrap Labeling System, EPI 9220

The EPI 9220 Labeling System is a superior labeling system that incorporates a small split conveyor with an EPI labeler to dispense the label to the top, front, and bottom of a clamshell container. The conveyor presents the filled clamshell to the labeler, the label is applied to the package and a dual wipe mechanism firmly secures the label.

Labeling clamshell packaging with ease. Labels can provide brand name, ingredients and nutritional information, as well as the retailer’s name. The label provides a visual indication that the package has not been opened in the store and remains closed until the consumer takes it home. The EPI 9220 Labeling System applies labels automatically, accurately and gently to each package.

EPI-9220 Specifications
  • Label Size:1″x2″ to 5″x24″
  • Electrical:3A @ 120VAC, 60HZ
  • Pneumatic:N/A
  • Speed:Variable up to 100 FPM
  • Construction:Exclusively Non-Corrosive Materials

Advantages of the EPI-9220

  • Dependable, Reliable, and Versatile.
  • Minimum Length 4′.
  • Speed up to 1200 IPM.
  • Width up to 24″.
  • Continuous Flow Application.
  • Constructed Entirely of Non-Corrosive Materials.
  • Various Options to Suit Your Needs.
Reduce Time-Consuming Labor With The Integrated Labeling System

Historically this has been primarily a manually intensive process for labeling systems. With the EPI 9220 Labeling System production cost can be reduced. By automating this process the machine pays for itself quickly. Printers can be added for batch and date information.