ID Technology Introduces New Labeling Solutions at Pack Expo

Sep 20, 2017

ID Technology showcases new economic labeling systems designed for a wide range of applications, including the food industry and e-commerce. (ID Technology Booth # C-2814)

FORT WORTH, Texas – ID Technology, powered by ProMach, unveils at Pack Expo, taking place September 25-27 in Las Vegas, a new series of pressure sensitive labeling solutions and a new high-speed GS1 compliant print and apply labeler, which are ideal for the food industry and e-commerce. (ID Technology Pack Expo Booth # C-2814)

EPI Model 9230 Pack Expo 2017

New pressure sensitive labeling solutions for any application

Within the new 9000 series of pressure sensitive labeling solutions, ID Technology showcases the EPI-9230, a unique hybrid labeling solution offering the flexibility of a top/bottom system and C-wrap system in one machine, which easily integrates into any manufacturing packaging process. Featuring a full belt infeed conveyor and a split belt outfeed conveyor, the EPI-230 uses two of the proven M-series labeling heads to dispense labels that can be applied around the top, front, and bottom of a clamshell containers. Simple horizontal adjustments provide quick, reliable label placement. Dual wiping mechanisms ensure labels are firmly secured so containers remain closed from the packaging line all the way to the retail shelf, making the EPI-9230 an ideal solution for baked goods, confectioneries, and produce.

The 9000 series is designed for simple installation, use and maintenance – all helping to increase production uptime. Other labeling systems in the 9000 series include:

  • The LSI-9110, a semi-automatic label applicator for round containers. It has a throughput rate up to 15 product per minute, and the labeling he. ProMach’s Matrix brand offers a differentiator for this model that integrates into a fully automatic system, which preserves the initial investment and allows for increased productivity.
  • The LSI-9130, an inline bottle wrap labeling system, accurately applies labels at up to 60 containers per minute and is compatible with both laser and thermal transfer over printers from ID Technology to print variable information including date, lot and barcodes on preprinted prime labels.
  • The LSI-9150, a front and back inline labeling system for applying one or two labels to round or non-round containers at a rate of up to 120 per minute. PackML compliant controls provides equipment manufacturers with a structured controls programming philosophy. The central color Human Machine Interface (HMI) allows for one controller to be used for both the labeling heads and conveyor, which …
  • The EPI-9210, a top and bottom labeler, works on nearly all packaging types. It offers vertical and horizontal adjustments, allowing for quick, reliable label placement, making it ideal for cosmetics and personal healthcare products, baked goods, confectioneries, and produce.
  • The EPI-9220 is a C-wrap system that incorporates a small split conveyor with an M-series labeling head to adhere labels to the top, front, and bottom of a clamshell container.

New solution for high-speed print and apply label challenges

ID Technology also unveils at Pack Expo, the Model 262 print and apply labeler, designed to print production and lot numbers, GS1 compliant barcodes, product information, nutrition data, and more, making it an ideal solution for food packaging and other industries.

ID Technology Model 262 Pack Expo 2017

The Model 262 high-speed blow and roll applicator has no moving parts, which improves reliability for increased uptime. It uses a high torque five-phase stepper motor to positively drive labels at the highest speeds, which doesn’t rely on the small motor in the print engine. The Model 262 decouples the print process from the label application, allowing high outputs while maintaining lower print speeds. This ensures excellent print and barcode quality and improves the performance of the print engine. The powerful drive preserves the printer components, while allowing this labeler to reach into tight spaces on packaging equipment, such as bagging machines and tray packers. An additional feature of the Model 262 is that it allows the customer to bypass the printer entirely and run pre-printed labels with no loss of performance.

The simple, compact design of the Model 262 ensures durability, minimal maintenance and long-term reliability, while offering easy setup, operation, and integration into any packaging system.

Be sure to stop by the ID Technology Pack Expo Booth # C-2814 to view this outstanding display of new labeling systems. For more information on ID Technology’s leading-edge labeling and coding solutions, call 888.438.3242 and visit

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