Household Chemicals and Cleaners

Labeling Solutions for the Household Chemicals Industries

If you package products for household chemicals or cleaning products, you'll know that your labeling serves multiple functions.

  • It carries your brand marketing message, so it has to look good and differentiate your brand from competitors.
  • The labeling needs to carry usage instructions for your consumer.
  • In many cases, the labeling has to include product safety and warning information.

EPI labeling systems, such as our MFlex™ are ideal for labeling a wide range of container types and shapes, from round containers to trigger spray bottles and pails.

Accuracy, ease of use, low maintenance, and IP65 protection as standard are all part of the MFlex solution.

Should you need to apply printed labels (such as GHS safety labeling) to your secondary packaging, our EPI label applicators are a simple and reliable way to achieve this.

To add to the high quality of your finished package, using ID Technology labels is the finishing touch.

With multiple locations across North America and the latest technology in digital and flexo printing, we can ensure your products project the right image for your brand and ensure you meet regulatory requirements.

Applications Include:
  • Prime labeling of round and non-round containers
  • Wrap labeling for unstable products
  • GHS labeling for products, cartons and shipping cases
  • Date and traceability coding
  • Applying multiple labels to products
  • Labeling in harsh environments
  • Integration of labelers with flexible packaging equipment
  • Barcode labeling

Labeling for Household Cleaners and Chemicals

Round Containers

Non-Round Containers
Oil and Other Product Cans
Trigger Spray Bottles
Calking Containers

Secondary Packaging
Corrugated Cases

Product Labeling

When it comes to applying prime labels to your product packaging, our MFlex™ line of labeling systems stands out, regardless of whether your containers are round, non-round, or both.

Built to handle harsh conditions, with IP65 compliance as standard, MFlex incorporates a singular HMI interface for your operators, complete with a recipe feature for fast product changeovers.

Everything is kept in sync by our servo motion-control system, ensuring that the product handling and label feed are always working together - ensuring the best label placement accuracy.

Secondary Package Labeling

Do you need to add labels to your secondary packaging? Maybe GHS labels or other safety warnings?

If you ship your products in corrugated shippers, shrink-wrapped trays or drums, there is an EPI solution that can help.

Our M2 label applicator, for example, is perfect for adding labeling capability to your end-of-line packaging - fast, accurate, and dependable, with IP65 environmental protection as standard.

If you produce your product in large volumes and are concerned about downtime for label roll replenishment, fear not. The M2 can be supplied as a zero-downtime pair - switch between labeling heads when the label rolls run down and avoiding stopping for changes.

ID Technology Labels

With seven label production plants are strategically located in California, Georgia, New Hampshire, Texas, Wisconsin, Edmonton, and Toronto. We produce and inventory labels closer to you, equating to cost savings on shipping and shorter transport times so you receive the “freshest” possible labels and a reduction in overall carbon footprint for a positive impact to the environment.

Our label products include:

  • Flexographic printed labels in up to 10 colors
  • Digital labels with multiple HP Indigo systems
  • Hybrid labels - flexo labels with digitally printed variable sections
  • GHS safety and warning labels
  • Direct thermal and thermal transfer labels for logistics items
  • RFID labels


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