1 Panel Labelers

Core Tamp 960x720 Gallery

Compact Labeler, Core Series

EPI’s Core Series Labeler will apply a 1-panel label while minimizing your costs.

UII 2020

Versatile Labeler, UII

EPI’s UII Labeler has flexible integration with minimal impact to your line, making a 1-panel label a snap.

M2 Front View

Wipe-on, High-Speed Labeler, M2

EPI’s M-Series Labeler will handle a 1-panel label at high-speeds creating an even more efficient production line.

Compact Print Apply Core Series

Compact Print & Apply, Core Series

EPI’s Core Print and Apply Labeler can be a part of your CORE business when printing and applying a 1-panel label.

Print Apply H Series Labeler Printer Applicator

Flexible Print & Apply, H-Series

EPI’s Print and Apply Labeler is accommodating and versatile. 1-panel labels are no problem.