Launch of EPI’s New Website

EPI Labelers is very excited to announce the launch of our new website design. You’ll see things look refreshed and we have completely re-coded and designed from the ground up.

A few of our goals with the new website was to make it faster, easier to navigate for users, and easier for us to manage/update. Most of all we redesigned our site with the user experience firmly in mind. The bulk of what makes this version so great is that it is product driven. Our site use to be labeler driven, you came to the site and your options were labelers. Makes sense right, we sell labelers.

Well, when I started working here about a year ago, I knew nothing about labelers. I was brought on as the Marketing Coordinator and redesigning the website was one of the main projects on my list. When I sat down with the team in the early stages of the redesign, one of my first questions was “how can we present the content of this site differently?”

Well, as we were talking the general manager said “What if we look at it from the label side of things?” A light bulb went off.  I said “you mean if we were product driven?” It all just came together. I knew very little about the labelers and what they could do. It was much easier for me to come to a site and see the end product and work backwards to the labeler.

Now, when you visit our site looking for a labeler, you find it by the product you need to label. Whether it is a pillow bag, clamshell, box, tray, etc…, you select your product, then your label application, and finally you see the options of labelers that will get your job done.

The new site has the latest labeler specifications and options, viewable product images, downloadable up to date technical brochures, as well as videos to provide full overviews of our labelers.

As always, EPI puts the customer first. If you have any questions or need help you can contact us at or

5 Things You Can Learn at the SCAA Trade Show

2014 SCAA Event

The Annual SCAA Event is the SCAA’s most-attended event of the year. This trade show was designed to be a one stop shop for coffee professionals. Roasters and retailers, food and beverage service professionals, and coffee enthusiasts can all benefit from attending. This event is also the single largest annual offering of SCAA educational opportunities. Get ready to learn, grow, and share with the industry

Here is what we think the show teaches you!

Attending this show allows the opportunity to meet potential and existing business partners. Growers, exporters, green buyers, manufacturers, roasters, coffee shop owners and baristas are all covered at this show providing the opportunity to join thousands of coffee professionals and make them a part of your network.

Discover what is trending in specialty coffee and gain industry insight.

New Technology
What is the 2014 year bring in new technology and coffee equipment? The specialty coffee community uses the SCAA show floor to unveil their newest products. Check out the latest packaging equipment and materials for coffee as well.

Professional Expertise
Gain the opportunity for professional development, collaboration, product development and growth.

Attend skill building workshops and lectures to take your professional expertise to the next level. As an evolving industry there are always new training opportunities and things to learn. Most skill building workshops earn you education credits. The annual SCAA Event is currently the single largest collection of SCAA classes. Earning a professional certificate from SCAA is a valid indication of industry-accepted knowledge and skills with unparalleled credibility.

EPI Labelers will be exhibiting at the SCAA show this year in booth #4043. We will bring our top of the line labelers to show you how precise thinking and simple design can help your company. At the show we gain insight on what’s trending in the coffee industry. Bring this information home helps us keep up to date on the industry, helping us to stay innovative and allows us to continue to meet and exceed the demands of our customers.

Reliable Solutions

Labeling Nuts and Dried Fruit

EPI was contacted in late 2013 by a large nut and dried fruit packaging company in the greater Chicago area. They were in need of help cutting costs associated with applying pressure sensitive labels to their bagged product. At the time this company had 3-5 people taking filled bags of product produced on a Matrix v/f/f/s (vertical form fill and seal) and applying a label to both the front and back of the bags. This had not only been time consuming and expensive but, their reject rate for mislabeled or crooked labels were high. They had recently secured a large contract from a major supermarket chain. They knew the problem would only get worse as production volumes increased. After contacting the manufacturer of the v/f/f/s they were directed to EPI Labelers for the solution. Because of our close relationship with the v/f/f/s manufacturer we were able to immediately quote two Flex-Pac™ labelers . The labelers would mount to, and interface with the bagger to apply both the front and back labels simultaneously. This allowed the customer to increase volume thru the bagger and insure that both labels were applied neatly and accurately. The customer calculated that the ROI on the labelers would pay off in less than 6 months. The labelers also allowed them to secure other business that required both product identification labels and nutritional labels on the same bag. Our tech service team successfully installed both labelers and trained operators on two shifts in the course of a single in plant day. The customer has stated that this was the easiest project he has had from start to finish and has now asked EPI to quote an M-Series labeler for his rigid container packaging line. We couldn’t be happier with the results this customer has had and look forward to helping them in the future. By John O’Donnell – Sales

The Specialty Coffee Event of the Year – SCAA 2014

EPI Labelers will exhibit some of their top labeling equipment at SACC, April 25-27, 2014 in booth #4043. We will be showing our Core Series, as well as our Print/Apply – Tamp/Blow Labeler on a Case Taper. All of our labelers are engineered for ease of use and reliability; EPI’s labeling systems are designed to integrate to existing specific packaging lines.
Our Core Series is the solution to Your Core Labeling Needs!

  • Core Series Labeler - Merge

    Our Core Series Labeler will minimize cost, downtime and training. Industrial grade components are cleverly engineered into a compact, durable platform to provide years of service. 

  • Core Series Print/Apply

    Our Core Series Print/Apply Labeler has the quality, simplicity and durability of an EPI Labeler in a compact package that supports top-line growth and bottom-line costs.

  • Print/Apply Labeler

    Our Print/Apply System is specifically designed for high-volume, automated print and apply labeling applications demanding unparalleled reliability and around the clock operation.

EPI’s machines are the answer to easy and efficient workflow production for our clients’ industries, which include; snack food, bakery, confectionery, beverage, dairy, coffee, meat and poultry, pet food, frozen food, fabric, textile and general packaging. For a detailed product list, visit Drew Faust and Jim Immel two of our top sales representative will be at the SCAA Event to answer any labeler question you may have.

SCAA is the world’s largest coffee trade association with nearly 3,000 company members. This group was established in 1982, professionals seeking a common forum to discuss issues. Specialty coffees represent 9-13% of world coffee production and are considered to be the highest quality in the world. This association seeks to set standards for growing, roasting and brewing premium coffees. The Annual SCAA Event is the SCAA’s most attended event of the year. This year Starbucks will be serving as the official host of the 2014 SCAA Event. The SCAA Event is the place to learn and grow. Attending this event gives you access to networking, research, or trade, dozens of lectures and hundreds of exhibitor booths.

Come visit EPI Labelers at the SCCA Event in booth #4043!

Metal Detection Upgrade Enhances HACCP Program

Recently the George J. Howe Company a current customer of EPI Labelers was featured in an article on explaining how they are continuing to meet and even exceed

Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points

HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points)  safety and quality specifications.
HACCP is a management system that addresses food safely through a systematic, science-based approach for the identification, evaluation and control of food safety hazards. HACCP applies control measures to prevent, eliminate or reduce significant hazards to an acceptable level.

HACCP is a tool used to assess hazards and establish control systems that focus on prevention rather than end-product testing. The successful application of HACCP requires the full commitment and involvement of management and work force.

The George J. Howe Company located in Grove City, PA, packages and distributes a wide variety of candies, freshly roasted coffee, and many nut products. In order to meet and exceed HACCP they have expanded their metal detection operations. GJH has purchased four new metal detector/conveyor systems.

Their new systems are Lock, a part of the Loma Systems group, to adhere to strict food safety and hygiene standards.  The Insight VF system is ideal for the detection and rejection of metallic contamination during free falling materials at any suitable point in manufacturing.

Dan Phillips, GJH President and COO, notes, “The Insight VF is used for the detection of metal contaminants during the handling of free-falling materials before they are deposited into the preformed metallized pouches.”

Dan Phillips, adds, “Our blow-on tamp labeling equipment is supplied by EPI Labelers, a company who has done a wonderful job for us.

We feel the steps that The George J. Howe Company is taking to exceed the HACCP are fantastic. This shows that they are dedicated to food safety and increasing food risk awareness. These upgrades to their operations will help them produce an even greater product with raw ingredient traceability, increasing buyer and consumer confidence.


What Calorie-Labeling Regulation Means for Your Business

Menu with Calorie Count

In the Obamacare package, there is a regulation for calorie labeling for foods sold in fast food chains. The labeling regulation seemed insignificant at first, however, it has the potential to turn many small businesses upside down.

The problem with this the regulation is that it is vague and extends to “similar retail food establishments,” meaning the FDA could have the power to force small businesses to label their products with calorie information as well. Although the law was originally made for large fast food chains, small independent businesses are going to take the hit with this one.

Calorie labeling…it’s straightforward right? Wrong, and the even bigger issue comes when people customize orders—do businesses have to provide calorie information for every possible combination? FDA Commissioner, Margaret Hamburg, admitted that she “actually thought [calorie labeling] would be one of the more straightforward tasks, but little did I know how complicated it would be.”

The calorie-labeling regulation is not one of the more expensive government regulations being issued this year. But for small businesses it could be the difference between making or breaking their business. And non-traditional food retailers don’t think you are in the clear, because you may be subject to this change as well.

This regulation is such a mess. Things may have made more sense if calorie labeling was effective in lowering the obesity rate, but many studies have found that this is not so. A study in Philadelphia, PA, which has enacted their own calorie labeling mandate, found this had no effect on the customer. Many of the customers stated they didn’t even notice the calories posted. Jason Stverak, President of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity states, “Had the ACA done their homework, they would have realized the mandated calorie labeling is an ineffective method of fighting obesity.”

How does this affect YOUR business?

No Hassle, No Maintenance, No Fuss – Just Affordable Labeler Systems

On Pack Cross Promotion

Our rental programs provide the opportunity to try NEW promotional programs.
EPI Labelers was contacted recently to build, ship and install 25 rental labelers in 6 different plants across the US. The labelers were for a on pack cross promotion. We were able to supply these labelers to mount to 8 different types of flexible packaging lines and have the customer up and running within 21 days of receiving their order. Achieving affordable labeling solutions is easy through our rental program!

Tension in the Line!

Flex Pac

I received a call from a customer in Brooklyn NY asking “why does the liner keep breaking?”  He has had his EPI Flex-Pac Labeler for almost four years and has had no issues.  He asked “is it the labels or the equipment?”  I asked him to check to make sure all of the rollers were spinning free and that the supply spool was releasing properly. He said “everything looked good, but they had made some adjustments to the supply spool.” I could tell he was getting frustrated and I knew that they had orders to fill so the issue needed to be resolved fast.

So, I suggested that I come up at the same time as the label supplier so that we could get the problem solved. Let’s just say I didn’t have to ask twice and I was on my way to Brooklyn.

I arrived at the bakery in the morning, the operator threaded the labeler and ran it for me, it ran two labels and the liner broke. We repeated the process and the liner broke again. The operator asked if I wanted to run it again, I told him that I needed to look over the labeler to see what was happening.

At this point the label supplier showed up, he appeared to be ready for me to blame the labels. I shook his hand and told him it looks like it is a tension problem, I saw nothing wrong with the labels. He stood there in shock for a few minutes and then offered to help if I needed anything.

I wound up rebuilding the supply spool and returning everything back to factory settings. Then I checked to make sure all of the rollers were spinning free. After making one adjustment on the supply spool the labeler was off and running. We ran without issue until the entire product was packaged.

Before I left I tested the labeler without product and saw no issues with the liner tearing. Through all of this I also noticed that the drive drum was in need of some attention, I removed the drum and restored factory settings.  The customer was happy and the label supplier made sure he had my card because he wanted to be able to contact me when he gets asked about equipment.

In the end the one thing that I can’t convey enough is that over time parts wear and small adjustments to the equipment are made, which is perfectly normal. However, if you get into a situation where the adjustments that are being made don’t help it’s best to restore everything back to the original settings when built at EPI. In most cases this will get the labeler up and running. If by chance it does not, call tech support.

By Drew Faust – Sales

A Sea of Orange Day-Glo

Bakery Labeler

Recently, the production manager from a large regional baker called me and exclaimed that he was drowning in a “sea of orange day-glo”. Those of you familiar with commercial baking know that orange day-glo labels are a mainstay for bakery promotional labeling. He went on to explain that his current labeling equipment (not ours) seemed to be better at labeling the conveyor and floor than the product. We spent some time talking about his application and, after feeling comfortable that we understood his situation, I introduced him to EPI’s Bakery Labeler. I explained to him that this labeler was designed specifically for labeling bread and buns and that its pivoting tamp applicator allowed it to quickly change between labeling the top and the gusset end of loaves. Best of all, the tamp applicator gently, but securely applies labels directly to the product, thereby draining his “sea of orange day-glo.”

By Jim Immel – Sales