Loose Loop Print & Apply, 262 Label Printer Applicator

The New 262 Print & Apply Labeler was designed to be the solution to your high-speed print and apply labeling challenges. The labeler has a variety of uses including:

• Printing production and lot numbers.
• Printing bar codes.
• Printing product information.

Print & Apply Labelers Provide Solutions to Labeling Challenges

Today’s factories are facing more challenges, and the 262 Labeler was designed to exceed those requirements. This labeler combines the simplicity and flexibility of the EPI M-Series labeler with the operator-friendly H-Series Print & Apply labeler. The design and high speed of the new labeler provide the opportunity to accommodate print and apply challenges by using a high torque, five-phase stepper motor to positively drive labels at the highest speeds. This powerful drive works by preserving the printer components. In addition to this, the drive allows this labeler to reach into the tightest spaces.

Together, ProMach Labeling and Coding and EPI Labelers offer a broad spectrum of labeling equipment, top-quality labels, and local support.

To learn more about this labeler and technical support offerings please contact our sales team.

• Dependable, Reliable, and Versatile.
• Full Color Touchscreen.
• Standard PLC Control.
• Easy Threading Path for Labels and Ribbon.
• Supports All Major Print Engines.
• Modular Applicator Design (see options tab for styles).
• Made with Corrosion Resistant Materials.
• Industry’s Smallest Full Feature Print/Apply Labeler.
• Various Options to Suit Your Needs.
• Features After-Sale Service.

Integration with Packaging Systems

The 262 Labeler even allows you to bypass the printer entirely and run completely pre-printed labels. This labeling systems follows EPI's standard of offering equipment that is easy to set up and operate, and can be integrated to specific packaging systems. As with EPI's entire product line, this system is made with corrosion resistant materials, and is durable.