Snack Foods

Labeling for Snack Food, Cracker, and Cookie Packaging

Everyone snacks and many of us replace meals with snacks because we are busier than ever, with an on-the-go lifestyle and folks are grabbing quick snacks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Snack foods go beyond the grocery store aisles and into convenience stores and more. As the demand for snack foods continues to rise, the snack food industry needs reliable equipment they can trust to keep their production lines moving. If you are in the market for a labeler to cater to the snack food industry, consider giving EPI a call. We have custom-designed equipment that can apply pressure-sensitive labels to just about any surface of the package, and we have a strong partnership with a vast majority of bagger/wrapper manufacturers.

Call EPI at 800-755-8344 or email at Let EPI help you find the best labeling solution for your snack food product line.

Suggested Snack Food Labelers Below