Trends in Labeling

Over the next 3-5 years key labeling issues
confronting product manufacturers include:
  • Reducing label unit costs
  • Use of thinner label stock
  • Reduction of label material waste
  • Greater use of sustainable materials
  • Implementing anti-counterfeiting and tamper evident measures
  • Improved tracking across the supply chain
    PMMI Labeling Market Research Study

Labels are one of the largest changing elements of packaging. As labeling trends become more important, manufacturers are expected to integrate new labelers or turn to retrofit solutions for existing lines. New labeling equipment or modifications to current equipment will more then likely be needed in order for manufacturers to keep up with the changing label trends. New ways to enhance labels and draw attention to products on the shelf continue to grow. Pressure sensitive labels are the most popular label type, but they will receive competition from stretch sleeve, heat shrink, in-mold and other labeling methods. The bottom line is with the continuing change of labels material, sustainability and peripherals, product manufacturers need to be looking for more in their OEMs then just equipment.

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