Trends in Bottle Labeling 2014

What are some really cool drink labels you’ve seen recently?

What is popular in labels often has to do with what is resonating with consumers or what is fashionable today. Defining what is on top is determined by materials, coatings, effects and the over all design.

Retro Miller Light

Everything old is new again:

Miller Lite goes vintage. In March, the Chicago Tribune reported that the Heritage 1970’s look of Miller Lite would extend through September after going retro resorted in a much-needed jolt in Lite sales. Miller Lite has found it beneficial to go vintage. What once was old is new again. After six years of declining sales going retro just might be the come back Miller Lite is in need of.

Clear Labels Vodka

Achieve the disappearing act with clear labels:

Ultra-clear films that disappear on the bottle give a clean label look. They are paired with a smooth film liner and specialty high-clarity adhesives to deliver transparency and an exceptional wet-out performance. This is comparable to printing directly on the bottle. In general, Vodka tends to go with the “no-label” look. Improved control with pressure-sensitive labeling provides better control of packages to assure accurate and consistent applications for this style of label.

Labels Printed on Glass Bottles

Printing directly onto glass/plastic bottles:

Screen printed labels are baked into the surface of the glass resulting in a paperless bottle. There’s no adhesive, no frayed paper edges, and no chance of ripping or scuffing. This type of labeling gives you a label as durability. The look of screen printed labels really stands out on store shelves as while. 

Eco-Friendly Bottle Labels


Paper Boy Winery has a CARDBOARD wine bottle! This new eco-friendly design has a 67% smaller carbon footprint than glass. Labels that are too flashy undermine the eco-friendly message. Eco-friendly PaperBoy is packaged in compressed recycled cardboard, and is 85% lighter than glass bottles.

Dreaming Tree, what makes it eco-friendly: The bottle’s cork is sustainability grown, its label is made with 100% recycled paper, and the bottles are made using clean-burning natural gas.

Trends in bottle labeling are all about grabbing and holding consumers’ interest. If you’re thinking about re-designing your label and perhaps your process, come talk to us. We can help you choose the right labeling equipment to achieve your new look.