Sustainable Labeling

Sustainable Labels

There’s a host of sustainable packaging ideas out there, but what about sustainable labeling?

Scott Amron has created a labeling concept that is not only eco-friendly, but also timesaving.  Amron managed to eliminate the struggle of peeling the label off of fruit, while cutting out the extra step of washing it with soap and water.  His concept for a Fruitwash label that dissolves into an organic produce wash is an innovation in the labeling industry.  You simply rub the label and watch it dissolve into an organic produce wash that helps remove wax, pesticides, dirt and bacteria.  In addition it displays price look-up codes for fast check outs.

Fruitwash Label

Sustainable Labels

The Fruitwash label is garnering plenty of attention;  with mentions in countless blogs, on Tumblr, and even in magazines.  Many will find this to be a novel idea, it will be interesting to see if the concept gets picked up.  Amron is currently selling a 10% stake in the Fruitwash Label Intellectual Property (patents).