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Labeling Nuts and Dried Fruit

EPI was contacted in late 2013 by a large nut and dried fruit packaging company in the greater Chicago area. They were in need of help cutting costs associated with applying pressure sensitive labels to their bagged product. At the time this company had 3-5 people taking filled bags of product produced on a Matrix v/f/f/s (vertical form fill and seal) and applying a label to both the front and back of the bags. This had not only been time consuming and expensive but, their reject rate for mislabeled or crooked labels were high. They had recently secured a large contract from a major supermarket chain. They knew the problem would only get worse as production volumes increased. After contacting the manufacturer of the v/f/f/s they were directed to EPI Labelers for the solution. Because of our close relationship with the v/f/f/s manufacturer we were able to immediately quote two Flex-Pac™ labelers . The labelers would mount to, and interface with the bagger to apply both the front and back labels simultaneously. This allowed the customer to increase volume thru the bagger and insure that both labels were applied neatly and accurately. The customer calculated that the ROI on the labelers would pay off in less than 6 months. The labelers also allowed them to secure other business that required both product identification labels and nutritional labels on the same bag. Our tech service team successfully installed both labelers and trained operators on two shifts in the course of a single in plant day. The customer has stated that this was the easiest project he has had from start to finish and has now asked EPI to quote an M-Series labeler for his rigid container packaging line. We couldn’t be happier with the results this customer has had and look forward to helping them in the future. By John O’Donnell – Sales