Labeling Trouble? EPI can Help!

We were asked by one of our existing customers to help one of their contract packagers to automate the application of case labels. Currently the co packer was printing labels offline, rewinding them and then applying the labels to the knocked down flat cartons prior to filling. The labeling process was cumbersome and expensive. Very often the contract packager would label the flats the day before production. However, they were finding that for a variety of reasons the pre-labeled cases couldn’t be used the day of production. This caused an inventory problem and also slowed throughput on their packaging line. Our existing customer had been using EPI Core Series Print and Apply labelers in their facility and saw the opportunity to solve a problem at their contract packagers’ facility.

For Your Core Labeling Needs

EPI sent an engineer to the contract packager and worked with their packaging team to identify the best location on their line to incorporate a Core Series Print and Apply tamp blow labeler. It was decided that the cases were controlled and presented accurately at the exit end of the auto case taper. EPI designed mounting brackets with X/Y adjustments to allow the customer to label different case sizes and place the label at various locations on the case. We also worked with an integrator to set the labelers up so they could receive print jobs from a remote location through the customer’s network.

The contract packager installed 3 Core Series Print and Apply labelers and purchased an additional 6 units within 1 year of the initial installation.

EPI recognizes that each operation and packaging machine is different. We take the time to listen and work with the client to make sure they are getting the right labeler for the job! Our machines make it easy to have an efficient workflow on your production line.

By John O’Donnell – Sales