Labeling from the Package’s Perspective

Packaging designers have afforded industry with a dizzying array of packages to hold our products. The proliferation of bags, boxes, shells, tubs, bottles and pouches allow our products to stand out, blend in, hold shape, pack tighter, seal, reseal, breathe in and exhale. Combined with the thousands of options available to decorate the package, the millions of combinations can soon leave your head spinning.

It’s about the application

Our expertise is in labeling, and as such we are constantly scanning the market for innovations so that when our customers come to us to apply a label or a coupon to their new packages we are ready and capable to meet their needs. It is important that the end user has a working knowledge of the different types of labeling equipment and application methods so that they can make an informed choice when seeking a production labeler supplier. In the next few posts we are going to talk about labeling from the package perspective. We will answer the questions: What are the specific needs of a given package type? How do I assess the expertise of a supplier for a given package? And what are the various advantages of “stand-alone” vs. “integrated” solutions. Stay tuned.