How do I know what labeler and/or label to use?

Labeler Needs

Have you ever been responsible for labeling a product? If you have, you know all too well the decisions and choices that have to be made. There are so many variables that need to be considered. For instance: What type of labeler do I need? Will the labeler that I have work? What kind of labels do I need? What label manufacture should I use? Who has the best price? These questions could go on and on, especially if you have no idea where to start.

Picking the right labeler and label for your product can be very overwhelming and darn right frustrating. There are all kinds of labelers and most label manufactures have a minimum order requirement. If you have never labeled a product before or if you have just had an overall bad experience, choosing the right labeler and label for the job can be very difficult. You question, how do I know what label application I need to use? Am I getting the right kind of label? What will I do with all these labels if I make the wrong choice? See, already more questions!

Here is what we suggest:

How do I know what labeler/label?
  • Identify your need.
    • What is being labeled?
    • What is the product made of?
      • Application surface and condition, (i.e. plastic, smooth, clean, rigid, etc.)
    • Where on the product do you want the label?
  • Where in your production line will the labeling process take place?
    • This will help determine the type of labeler and application needed.
    • Knowing the labeler and application you will be using will help determine label sizes that are possible.
  • What is the product’s environment? (i.e. indoors, outdoors, room temperature, freezer, etc.)
    • This answer will help the label manufacture narrow down what label/adhesive will work.
  • Based on the Product and the Labeler, you can then go to your label manufacturer. The questions above should begin too narrow down your options. Keep in mind there are many kinds of labeling adhesives. Share as much information with your supplier as you can to help ensure you are getting the best label for the job.
  • Graphic requirements might dismiss some more options.
  • Volume will narrow your selection even further.

Labeling a product comes with many challenges. EPI Labelers manufactures high quality labelers for packaging and promotional needs. We meet and exceed the demands of our customers, because we know each operation and packaging machine is different and we take the time to listen. So, if you find your self in a sticky labeling situation EPI Labelers has been supplying durable labeling equipment for over 30 years. Contact our sales department we will be happy to help take the stress out of labeling your product!