The holidays are here! While most gifts have been bought, it’s never too late to think of festive and creative labeling when wrapping your packages. There are so many Christmas labels available for gift-wrapping over the holiday season. A little creativity can personalize even the most simple of gifts.

Often, people are looking for last minute housewarming gifts when rushing out to holiday parties. If this is the case for you, the right label can dress up a simple gift idea!

Blogs like “caramel potatoes” suggests making a homemade treat into a holiday treat. Homemade cookies are sure to be a hit at any party, but when it comes wrapped in a festive label, you score points for your creativity and cooking skills! Visit the website to download and print the Santa’s Cookie Stash Label! Adding a holiday label is a simple way to improve the presentation of this gift!


Countless people gift wine over the holiday season, but a unique label can make your bottle stand out from the others! Sites like bottle your brand offer personalized labels that you allow you to add names, dates and pictures to decorate your gift for the season. This would make the perfect hostess gift to bring to holiday parties.


The holidays are a great time to take advantage of the simplicity of labeling, but it’s important to remember that the label speaks for your package no matter what time of year. Consumers and friends alike form impressions based on the packaging before they ever reveal what’s inside. The right label makes all the difference!