Flexible Packaging Market Is Expecting Strong Growth Through 2018

Recent studies of the Flexible Packaging Market show an expectation of continued growth through 2018. According to a study by MarketsandMarkets, this industry will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1% every year through 2018. Additionally, the BRIC countries should see the greatest growth, which is no surprise considering the advancements these countries have been making in recent years along with their extensive populations.

So why Flexible Packaging? Why move from glass, paper and rigid plastics? Really, there are so many advantages to Flexible Packaging, and companies are embracing the trend.

Weight and Volume
Pouches utilize 20% less volume and haves 1/10 the packaging weight. Both of these qualities make for lower freight costs and less storage space.

Environmentally Friendly
Because flexible packages utilize less volume and weight, the company’s carbon footprint is reduced making this trend an environmentally friendly one. Less volume and weight lowers the disposal cost and lessens transportation-related energy and fuel consumption. According to a study by Fres-co there is a 50% reduction in landfill waste and there is a 71% reduction in BTU consumption.

Great Taste and Safe Use
With pouches you eliminate the metallic taste and achieve a longer shelf life. There are no metal shards or edges to cause cuts. There is no BPA or chance of metal fragments in the finished product.

Convenient and Attractive
Many consumers find canned foods and glass jars difficult to open, particularly elderly consumers. However,pouches are much simpler to open making them more appealing to the consumer. Pouches can be molded into interesting shapes, are microwavable, and can have a wide variety of closures attached including re-sealable strips.

Consumer trends play a role in the popularity of almost everything. This is true for flexible packaging as well. With the increase in fast-paced consumer lifestyles, food products that offer convenience are increasingly popular. Pouches provide that convenience and ease better than traditional packaging. Great quality, more cost-efficient and easier for your operation and the environment, pouches are the right choice for so many reasons.

EPI is a dedicated manufacturer of high quality labeling for packaging and promotional needs. As the leading manufacturer of Flexible Packaging labelers the EPI Flex-Pac™ family easily integrates with a wide variety of packaging machines including, VFFS (vertical bag maker), Pouch, HFFS (horizontal flow wrappers) and stretch wrappers. We have been designing labelers for Flexible Packaging for well over 30 years. Our machines are dependable, reliable and versatile.

For more information on labeling Flexible Packages check out our articles “How Flexible Packaging Impacts Labeling” or “Advantages of Flexible Packaging for Fresh Foods“. You can also give us a call and talk with one of our top experts.