Cool Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

A growing trend in the packaging industry is sustainability, and with that, companies are getting more creative with their eco-friendly packaging.  No matter the industry, most companies can find creative ways to package their product while reducing energy output.  And there are some brilliant concepts out there!   Whether they’re just proposals or already implemented designs, these companies show that making environmentally sound choices can be a lot of fun!

Sustainable Bottles

Joe’s Daily ( recently featured an interesting proposal by Ryan Harc for a colorless Coca Cola can.  It eliminates the need to separate toxic color paint from aluminum in the recycling process, thus saving energy.  In addition to being 100% recyclable, the can itself has a sleek, modern look that would surely be popular with eco-friendly fans!

Sustainable Beauty Packaging

Lush Scarf

While the Coca Cola idea is just a proposal, Lush Stores have already implemented fun sustainable packaging for their products.  Glamour magazine Beauty Editor Beth Shapouri recently blogged about her charmingly unexpected packaging experience at Lush.  (  Beauty products come bundled in a trendy and fashionable scarf.  Not only is the scarf beautiful, it’s sustainable – it’s hard to believe but it’s actually made from two recycled bottles!

These are just a couple examples of how marketers are coming up with new and exciting ways to make sustainable packaging interesting to the customer.  They’re also great lessons of how a little creativity can combine practicality with originality, proving that effective packaging does not have to be boring!