Anti-Theft Packaging


We love packaging that guarantees that friends, family members or co-workers won’t help themselves to our food!  Anti-theft packaging seems to be on the rise and not only is it innovative, it’s also pretty brilliant!  For anyone who’s ever endured the pain of looking forward to their tasty treat, only to find it’s been stolen, this packaging is for you!

Food Manufacturing

-keep-hungry-co-workers-away  recently featured an article on a CNN video that demonstrates the genius of anti-theft packaging innovators.  They’ve created sandwich bags adorned with fake mold and insects.  It’s a simple concept for keeping even the most aggressive office bandit away from your food, but one that seems foolproof nonetheless.

Buzzfeed also recognized theft deterrent genius when they recently featured a proposed idea from Ben & Jerry’s back in 2002.  Though the product never came to fruition, the Euphori-Lock was an actual combination lock that fit over Ben & Jerry’s pints to deter would-be ice cream thieves.  The Ben & Jerry’s press release alone is worth the read.  One can only hope this idea will be picked up again in the future.

We all know that packaging is meant to protect our food, but this takes the concept to a whole new level.  And who wouldn’t derive just a little pleasure out of the idea of repulsing the office food thief?