Advantages of Flexible Packaging for Fresh Foods

Flexible Packaging for Fresh Foods

More and more companies are packaging their fresh produce in flexible clear packaging instead of the traditional mesh bags. Flexible packaging can provide a longer shelf life for fresh produce that don’t have a high turnover. Larger purchases are also a possibility with a multi-pack. Consumers might me more likely to take a multi-pack of peppers home over just picking up one pepper that has been sitting out and handled by who knows how many people.

Flexible packaging and fresh produce have many advantages. Fresh produce in flexible packaging provides portability, freshness and protects the produce. Flexible packaging is recyclable and uses less resources providing a thinner, lighter overall package. Single serving packages are easy to open and can be consumed on the spot, reducing waste. Fresh snacks like fruits and veggies in a single serving container are also more appealing for the on-the-go health conscious consumer.

An article in FGN (Fruit Growers News) states, “Demand for do-it-for-me convenience has been the big driver behind the tremendous growth of pre-cut, pre-washed and packaged fruits and vegetables for the past 15 years,” IFPA President Jerry Welcome said, “but convenience is now getting a big boost from growing concerns about obesity and health issues in general. 

Does it keep longer?

Fresh produce can be kept fresher longer within a flexible package. The package helps reduce light and moisture transmission keeping the food fresher longer.

Does flexible packaging show case the produce better?

That is a matter of opinion; however it does put it on the same playing field as other products. The flexible package gives it that same finished look as other prepackaged goods.

Does fresh produce in a flexible package help upsell?

Sure, it does. Most consumers are more likely to purchase a fresh combo pack, such as a salad kit because it is all-in-one. They are getting a fresh and healthy meal with the convinces of one stop.

More than ever before, there is a fight to get food products noticed on the shelf. Fresh produce appeals to that on-the-go health-conscious consumer, giving the upper hand to fresh foods in a flexible package.

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