A Romantic Label? It Can Be Done!

Labels may not have a reputation for being romantic, but they can be!  Just ask Connie, whose fiancé proposed to her with a banana label.  As a child, Connie collected Chiquita banana labels.  (Labels are romantic AND collectible!)  When her fiancé mentioned that their bananas had a new label on them, Connie couldn’t help but take a closer look.  The labels read, “Connie Will You Marry Me?”  Surely a label worthy of Connie’s collection!  http://1000proposals.com/propose-using-a-fruit-label-no-202

While it’s a trend that hasn’t gained a great deal of notoriety yet, adding your own labels to fruit or other products is certainly a way to make the product unique to you or your theme.  Pinterest www.pinterest.com has recently featured the trend of labels on fruit, for events such as engagements or children’s birthday parties.  Seeing as Pinterest is a site that gathers its material from sources all over the Internet, it’s apparent that customizing your own labels is a trend on the rise.  Adding a label summarizes the message you’re trying to send.  They serve their purpose for nutritional information or costs.  Why not let labels have a little fun?